Yes To Coconut Review: Part 1

My Yes To Coconut products in this review:

  • Ultra Hydrating Paper Mask
  • Lip plumper
  • Face cleansing wipes

Scroll to the bottom for my ratings and extra details!

First, I cleaned my face with the Yes To Carrots facial creme cleansed. (I will order the Yes To Coconut facial cleanser soon!)

Secondly, I wiped any soap residue off with the Yes To Coconut face cleansing wipes.

Thirdly, I scrubbed my lips with the Lip Scrub provided in the packet as show below. (It was so tropical!) 🌴


Fourthly, after a thorough massage, I placed the pink Lip Plumper on my lips that was provided in the bottom half of the packet as show below for 15 minutes. I’m not positive if I placed it on the right way! Haha

Fifthly, I placed the hydrating mask on my face for 10 minutes. Then once the timer was up, I rubbed any left over product on my entire face and neck. Have to stay hydrated!


Aftermath of the facial mask over my face and neck, don’t forget this step!)


Lastly, the results!


Looks much more fuller than normal!

Sadly, this Botox-Free look only lasted for about an hour. I ate, then the beautiful plump turned into a dry, shriveled salted desert. 🌵 Well, it was so fun while it lasted!

Rating from 1(Don't recommend) – 10(Highly recommend)

Mask: 10

This mask hydrates my skin like no other, and feels refreshed all day long!

Lip plump: 5

I wish it lasted more than an hour!

Face Wipes: 10

They work so wonderful, and the scent from this line is absolutely amazing.

Other notes: I've used this line for awhile now, and it's my favorite from the Yes To company. The scent reminds me of the beach, the results are better than expected, and the price is so affordable. I highly recommend these products for people with all skin types!

I hope you enjoyed this honest/raw review! More is to come soon. Xoxo

Faith Mantovani


Top 10 Male Artists

Only my family knows this, but my first album in life was GRITS 7 (seen below).

So as you can see, hip hop has a massive (that’s an understated word) part of my life, but so many other genres and artists have formed me also!

Today, I decided to be real and reveal my favorite male music artists in the world. Tell me if these are yours too, and what your favorite songs or albums are! 🎶

1. Kanye West


Kim is such a blessed woman! He’s a genuine genius and super hot. What more could you ask for?

Favorite album: Life of Pablo

2. Julio Iglesias


The love of my life right here babes.

Favorite album: 1100 Bel Air Place

3. Marc Anthony


His talent is overwhelming. Such a blessing to the earth!

Favorite album: Valió la Pena

4. Drake


Quit playing around and just marry me already, k?

Favorite album: More Life

5. Keith Urban


A gift to country music, it wouldn’t be the same without you.

Favorite album: Ripcord

6. Pitbull


The zing to my zang and the ying to my yang.

Favorite album: Dale

7. George Strait


Favorite album: Strait Country

8. AC/DC


Favorite album: Back In Black

9. Michael Bolton


Favorite album: Time, Love, & Tenderness

-Now, I have saved one of the best for last…-

10. Johnny Cash


Favorite album: He invented music, so every single one is my favorite.